About iLanguage Translation Dhaka

With over 12 years of commercial involvement in translation profession, we felt an acute necessity to launch a really professional, prompt translation firm manned with highly skilled and educated personnel. Note, you will hardly find any translation firms in Dhaka run with skilled and educated people to assure the translation quality. They provide cheap services with their cheap quality of translation. A mere verification by valued customers is sufficient to enlighten in this regard. 

That’s why, we stepped in…

We see the people mostly come to a translation firm for translation and notarization for going abroad specially for student, visit and immigration purposes. Most translated documents are submitted to the Embassy. Embassies reject poor translation or mistranslation. Embassies, sometimes, call the translation firm to verify the integrity of translation. Hence, we have our local database of all translations done by us each with a unique numbering. 

Ample reasons about Why Us for translation and notarization services?

 There are some lawful processes as well as some usual practice as to how you should enclose your translated papers for a visa to an Embassy. Know how our document translation services suit your purpose for immigration, visit & student visa. 

  • Translated content is printed either on plain page or company letterhead as required to suit your purpose 
  • Your source/main paper in photocopy is always attached to translated paper 
  • Source/main paper in photocopy and translated paper are marked with our firm’s ‘Service No.’ for authenticity (please note that on some occasions, offices or Embassies inquire about the translated papers)
  • Our translator puts signature and his seal on translated paper 
  • A valid notary public attest the translated paper with his seal 
  • A translator certificate/affidavit is given declaring that the translator is capable of translating and enclosed translation is true and accurate (please note that our translator has English language/literature and legal background) 
  • Other necessary seals are carefully provided 
  • A recheck is always made before packing to make sure every process, seal and signature is duly made and nothing missed out 
  • Now you take a complete ready translation documents with home delivered

Avail translation and notary services from a firm that is expert and knows your requirements…