Certified translator in Bangladesh

The term ‘certified translator’ in Bangladesh is often used. Foreign embassies require certified translation. In this case, a client should ask if the translation firm has the valid and up-to-date institutional license and the translation license obtained from Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment in the case of Bangladeshi firm. However, most importantly a client must be assured of the translator’s educational qualifications and related experience.

Lawful process and usual practice should be followed to submit your translated documents for visa to an Embassy. How we do that is mentioned below.

  • Translated content is printed either on plain page or company letterhead as required to suit your purpose
  • Your source/main paper in photocopy is always attached to translated paper
  • Source/main paper in photocopy and translated paper are marked with our firm’s ‘Service No.’ for authenticity (please note that on some occasions, offices or Embassies inquire about the translated papers)
  • Our translator puts signature and his seal on translated paper
  • A valid notary public attest the translated paper with his seal
  • A translator certificate/affidavit is given declaring that the translator is capable of translating and enclosed translation is true and accurate (please note that our translator has English language/literature and legal background)
  • Other necessary seals are carefully provided
  • A recheck is always made before packing to make sure every process, seal and signature is duly made and nothing missed out
  • Now you take a complete ready translation documents with home delivery

When there is the question of certified translation?

For most cases, when somebody is intending to go to abroad he is sure in need of some papers to be translated in the language of the particular country. Here comes the question of certified translation translated by certified translator Bangladesh. In Bangladesh perspective, a translation company when translating a document by a professional translator who has higher degree in the English language or literature, has long experience in the field of translation and a certain level of acceptability and credibility as a translator usually translate a document with proper seal and signature of that translator and then that particular translation is attested or authenticated by a licensed / legal notary public we traditionally call it as certified translation translated by certified translator Bangladesh. In this case, that particular translator provides a translation certificate stating that he is capable of translating the document in the language pair.

How difficult it is to find efficient certified translator Bangladesh

There is a common weakness prevailing in most commercial translation firms in Bangladesh that we should admit as we are working in the translation industry for quite a long time now, which we feel that there is serious shortage and scarcity of efficient translators in this profession. One of the reasons for it is that in most of the commercial translation firms in Bangladesh there is hardly any lucrative professional opportunity and economic benefits. For this reason it is quite difficult to find the best educated and experienced translator working in the translation sector. Translation companies lack in giving sophisticated or sustainable employment benefit. However there may be some exceptions to this common phenomena.

Your duty to invest some time in search of certified translator Bangladesh

When you require certified translation service from a certified translator Bangladesh it is your duty to invest some of your time in search of finding the best certified translator Bangladesh who can render the best quality of translation services for you. You go to the internet, google and search for the certified translator Bangladesh and you will find some of the firms’ good presence there on internet who profess to provide certified translation in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Don’t just blind-believe, make some queries about translator and translation quality

Now you make some queries, ask the translation firms how long they are providing translation services by certified translator Bangladesh, what is the qualification of the certified translator Bangladesh, and if it is available you can also ask that firm for a sample translation translated by that certified translator. In this case it will be possible for you to verify the quality of translation which has been translated. In our case, at iLanguage Translation Dhaka, we always have the option of providing the sample page translation fully free of cost. In case the client has multiple number of pages, we give a free sample page translation of the document so that they can scrutinize quality of translation work translated by our certified translators.

Don’t put priority on cheap price when translation quality is imperative

When the question of quality is imperative, it is a wrong step to be much concerned about the pricing of the translation because you will find many translation agency doing business in Dhaka Bangladesh have very cheap-rated translation services you will find their translation very poor quality, sub-standard service and in some cases the translation will be worthless to you. By doing this technique, you will lose your money, time and your great opportunity that ushered before you. There are many examples of doing translation works twice or even thrice from different translation centers to find the appropriate quality. Therefore, we do suggest that when you are in need of fair, accurate and acceptable translation you should NOT be much concerned about pricing of the translation. In fact you should rather be concerned about the quality of the translation if that is translated by the certified translator Bangladesh. With our long experience, at least we will urge all the clients who understand the matter that if possible they should at least make a combination or comparison of translation quality and pricing range put together as well as qualification, education, linguistic ability, experience of certified translator Bangladesh.

Avoid mushrooming translation centers. Message to foreign companies, humanitarian agencies and MNCs

We feel like throwing a message here! You all are aware that Bangladesh is a growing economy and many foreign companies, humanitarian agencies, MNCs are coming here with big investment.  In most of the cases, they need their various documents to be translated in the local languages which is Bangla in this case. Now almost all are aware that in this advanced age of communication technology, there are machine translation, CAT, MAT translation, google, bing etc by which a language can be converted with blink of eyes so to say, but machine translation is not yet able to give you the input quality of that of human translation. Machine translation has not yet taken the place of the brain of human translation as usually done by certified translator Bangladesh.

Question of localising and proofreading of translated version

When there is question of even 50% ability of machine translation in terms of its perfection, which is really far from any quality, it is usually far more question about how the language can be localised by machine translation. In our opinion, it is far more for the interests of localisation and proofreading of the translated languages rather than translation of languages, you need a very professional certified translator Bangladesh who can do the job of translation with questions of localization in mind perfectly with fullest responsibility and liability of translated version of your source language.