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Translate notarize a document near me

Translate notarize a document near me has been a common internet search term. While you need to submit your documents to embassy you need to translate those documents into language of that embassy. For example if you are seeking visa for any purpose, eg student visa, tourist visa, work visa, from Spanish Embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh, they will ask you to get your documents translated, which are usually in Bengali or English languages, into language of Spain, that is, in Spanish language. Therefore, in that case you will need to translate your English or Bengali documents into Spanish language. Moreover, it is almost mandatory that embassy will ask those translated papers as well as main document to be notarized or authenticated. People are aware about it therefore people are searching on internet with search term: translate notary near me, translate notarize birth certificate, translate notarize a document, translate notarize, translate notary, translate notarize marriage certificate, so on.

We provide translation notary service that works

Translation notary accepted for purposeTranslated documents duly processed
• Translation services are accepted by Embassies
• Translators are educated & experienced
• Online Translation services
• Quality compliance duly followed
• Certified document translation services
• Bangla-English plus 40 other languages
• Home delivery / Postal delivery
• Translated content is printed either on company letterhead
• Your source/main paper in photocopy is attached to translated paper
• Source/main paper in photocopy translated paper are marked with our firm’s ‘Service No.’ for authenticity
• Our translator puts signature his seal on translated paper
• A valid notary public attests translated paper with his seal
• A translator certificate/affidavit is given declaring that translator is capable of translating

When there is question of certified translation?

For most cases, when somebody is intending to go to abroad he is sure in need of some papers to be translated in language of particular country. Here comes question of certified translation translated by certified translator Bangladesh. In Bangladesh perspective, a translation company when translating a document by a professional translator who has higher degree in English language or literature, has long experience in field of translation a certain level of acceptability credibility as a translator usually translate a document with proper seal signature of that translator then that particular translation is attested or authenticated by a licensed / legal notary public we traditionally call it as certified translation translated by certified translator Bangladesh. In this case, that particular translator provides a translation certificate stating that he is capable of translating document in language pair.

How difficult it is to find efficient certified translator Bangladesh

There is a common weakness prevailing in most commercial translation firms in Bangladesh that we should admit as we are working in translation industry for quite a long time now, which we feel that there is serious shortage scarcity of efficient translators in this profession. One of reasons for it is that in most of commercial translation firms in Bangladesh there is hardly any lucrative professional opportunity economic benefits. For this reason it is quite difficult to find best educated experienced translator working in translation sector. Translation companies lack in giving sophisticated or sustainable employment benefit. However there may be some exceptions to these common phenomena.

Your duty to invest some time in search of certified translator Bangladesh

When you require certified translation service from a certified translator Bangladesh it is your duty to invest some of your time in search of finding best certified translator Bangladesh who can render best quality of translation services for you. You go to internet, google search for certified translator Bangladesh you will find some of firms’ good presence there on internet who professes to provide certified translation in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Don’t just blind-believe, make some queries about translator translation quality

Now you make some queries, ask translation firms how long they are providing translation services by certified translator Bangladesh, what is qualification of certified translator Bangladesh, if it is available you can also ask that firm for a sample translation translated by that certified translator. In this case it will be possible for you to verify quality of translation which has been translated. In our case, at iLanguage Translation Dhaka, we always have option of providing sample page translation fully free of cost. In case client has multiple numbers of pages, we give a free sample page translation of document so that they can scrutinize quality of translation work translated by our certified translators.

Don’t put priority on cheap price when translation quality is imperative

When question of quality is imperative, it is a wrong step to be much concerned about pricing of translation because you will find many translation agency doing business in Dhaka Bangladesh have very cheap-rated translation services you will find their translation very poor quality, sub-standard service in some cases translation will be worthless to you. By doing this technique, you will lose your money, time your great opportunity that ushered before you. There are many examples of doing translation works twice or even thrice from different translation centers to find appropriate quality. Therefore, we do suggest that when you are in need of fair, accurate acceptable translation you should NOT be much concerned about pricing of translation. In fact you should rather be concerned about quality of translation if that is translated by the certified translator Bangladesh. With our long experience, at least we will urge all clients who understmatter that if possible they should at least make a combination or comparison of translation quality pricing range put together as well as qualification, education, linguistic ability, experience of certified translator Bangladesh.

Avoid mushrooming translation centers. Message to foreign companies, humanitarian agencies MNCs

We feel like throwing a message here! You all are aware that Bangladesh is a growing economy many foreign companies, humanitarian agencies; MNCs are coming here with big investment.  In most of cases, they need their various documents to be translated in local languages which are Bangla in this case. Now almost all are aware that in this advanced age of communication technology, there are machine translation, CAT, MAT translation, google, bing etc by which a language can be converted with blink of eyes so to say, but machine translation is not yet able to give you input quality of that of human translation. Machine translation has not yet taken place of brain of human translation as usually done by certified translator Bangladesh.

Question of localising proofreading of translated version

When there is question of even 50% ability of machine translation in terms of its perfection, which is really far from any quality, it is usually far more question about how language can be localised by machine translation. In our opinion, it is far more for interests of localisation proofreading of translated languages rather than translation of languages, you need a very professional certified translator Bangladesh who can do job of translation with questions of localization in mind perfectly with fullest responsibility liability of translated version of your source language.

Language translation cost

BDT500-1000 only per a4 size page (excl. home delivery charge). For more price related information please go to translation price.

We provide translation for following documents:

Family document translation

  • Nikah Nama, Marriage certificate translation, Divorce Notice, Succession Certificate, Relationship Certificate, Family Certificate, Birth certificate translation, Affidavit regarding Hindu Marriage, Succession Certificate, Deed of Will, Death Certificate etc, Domicile Papers

Ldocument translation

  • Deed Summary, Deed Details, Mutation, Khatian, Mutation Recommendation Proposal, DCR, LTax, Development Tax, Holding Tax, Conveyance Deed, Conditional Deed, Sale Deed, Agreement

Legal document translation

  • Decree Judgement, Affidavit, Agreement, Power of Attorney

Educational document translation

  • Educational certificate translation, Marks Sheet, Admit Card, birth certificate translation in Dhaka

Government document translation

  • Trade Licence translation, notification, gazette translation, government document translation

Business document translation

  • Book, Literature, Technical, Medical, Specialized non-traditional document, Govt S.R.O, Notification, Gazette, Rules, Acts, Laws, MSDS, Memorandum, By-Law, Marketing booklet, Service rules, Machinery handbook, Pharmaceutical literature, Business Financial Records Documents, Government official documents, Marketing Issues Records, Press Release News Article, User Manual Product Catalogue, Medical Certificate, Record Documents, Technical scientific Record Documents, Articles Books of different fields.

Translate in over 100+ languages

We translate English, Bengali, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Burmese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, German, German, Swedish, Thai, German, Ukrainian, Urdu other languages of world.

Why iLanguage Translation Dhaka

Our experience shows that public private organizations alike want fast first-rate service at reasonable rates. Our translators are qualified experienced, use latest cutting-edge tools such as online dictionaries, terminology databases, etc.

Our promise is that you will have a personalized experience with a high qualified team of experts focused on success of your project. Our services are tailored specifically to you which will ensure that your project has very possible outcome.

Unlike other translation companies, we are driven by our internal linguistic expertise, understanding of course passion for language. We combine our knowledge with our outstanding customer care to provide each customer with a bespoke internationally recognized service.

We have quick, accurate, cost effective services on followings:

All kinds of documents such as Police Clearance CRBs, Bank Statements, Medical Reports, Power of Attorney, Valuation Certificates, Undertaking, Affidavits, Wealth Statement, Divorce Decrees, Passports/ID cards, No Claims Certificates, Official/Legal Documents, Guardianship Certificate all others.

iLanguage Translation Dhaka ensures accurate acceptable language conversion facilities under following fields:

We have long experience in translating into from following languages. So, you can be sure we have right solution for you. Our decade long experience has made us quick to understyour needs instructions to point. We are always keen to deliver best possible results worth your money. As a professional translation company, we ensure work is carried out thoroughly, whatever level of service you may choose. We use most modern technologies to reduce cost. Again, we select most suited language translators to best meet your specific language requirements. So, you are at right place to have your papers translated on time on your budget to best serve your purpose.

Our qualified experienced team articulates their competence on language conversion to provide optimum value benefit to our respectable clients. Our careful concentration provides trustworthy output for customary application under a wide span of global languages. Translator’s Affidavit facility is also available to ensure legal authorization, certification evidentiary value of converted document for exercising at home abroad.

We understyour objective of selling your products in new markets & customers’ around world. Our team of experienced professionals offers top quality translation, transcription & interpretation services in a wide array of subject areas. We help bring your world together by bridging communication gap. We are always there to reach your target market to your highest satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it, try us out today.

We provide accurate, specialized translations that read as naturally as original documents. Our vision is to become a values-based global organization that offers customer-centric foreign language translation solutions of highest standards. As we help our customers bridge language barriers reach world, we set translation localization industry standard for customer satisfaction, innovation, process implementation. We intend to become best provider of offshore translation services, serving all types of companies, located in any part of world. No matter what type of translation project you have, finding a reputable reliable translation company is pivotal. While type of translation you need is a crucial factor, it isn’t only one to consider.

Regardless of size of your project, iLanguage Translation Dhaka can help. We offer document translation services from shortest slogan in German to biggest corporate report in Japanese or Chinese. We have professional translators with industry-specific experience ready to meet your language needs in French, Portuguese, German, German, Arabic, Italian, Polish, etc.

We know that public private organizations alike want fast first-rate service at reasonable rates. Our translators are qualified experienced, use latest cutting-edge tools such as online dictionaries, terminology databases, etc.

Beyond accuracy efficiency, we pride ourselves on service to our clients. Our promise is that you will have a personalized experience with a high qualified team of experts focused on success of your project. Our services are tailored specifically to you which will ensure that your project has very possible outcome.

We are not like other translation interpreting companies as we are driven by our internal linguistic expertise, understanding of course passion for language. We combine our knowledge with our outstanding customer care to provide each customer with a bespoke internationally recognized service.

Thank you from iLanguage Translation Dhaka Team.

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